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Research a Property

Research Local Schools

Property Map
Enables you to view a map for real property within Calvert County and print your own scaled map.

Interactive Critical Area Map
The Critical Area Act was passed in 1984 and includes all land within 1,000 feet of the Mean High Water Line of tidal waters or the landward edge of tidal wetlands and all waters of and lands under the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. The Act is intended to protect the Bay, wildlife, fish and plant habitats by establishing land-use policies for the land close to the Bay.

Critical Area Environmental Requirements

Hurricane Evacuation Map
Enables you to determine if the property is in a hurricane evacuation zone.

Interactive Flood Hazard Map
This map is intended to be a tool to help homeowners understand changes to the FEMA floodplain maps. However, you should consult your insurance company or FEMA for a definitive determination of whether or not a property lies in a flood plane.

Demographic Map
This map provides you with information regarding the population and certain demographics within Calvert County.

Recreation Map
Locate the recreational facilities within Calvert County.

Facilities Guide Map
Allows you to location various facilities such as schools, libraries, fire stations and solid waste convenience centers located in Calvert County.

Capital Projects Map
Every wonder what’s going to be built there? This link will answer your questions by allowing you to locate and get information about capital projects in Calvert County.

Historic Sites Map
We are surrounded by so much history in Calvert County!

Voter Map
View the various state and local political boundaries as well as locate your polling place to cast your vote on election day.

Maryland’s Comprehensive Registered Sex Offender Website
Determine whether or not registered sex offenders currently live or work near a specific property. Keep in mind, the database is only as accurate as those who register and have been convicted of a sexual offense.